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New Moon Doula Services

Nurturing Support

As your Doula, I am with you during your labour and birth to make you feel confident and comfortable through the emotional journey into motherhood. I am there to listen to your needs and push you to find the strength deep within you. I'm there for you during your pregnancy, labour, fourth trimester for you AND your partner. Specializing in physiological births, I have the information and resources you'll need to help you feel excited to bring your baby into this world! Whether you’re interested in a birthing class, labour support, photography or postpartum relief, I’m here for you.

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Why I do What I do

My Professional Journey

Ever since giving birth to my son, with a doula at our side, I have been passionate about helping people advocate for themselves and for the birth they want. Any friend or family member, (or friend of a friend) who was pregnant or gave birth, I wanted to impart some sort of wisdom- whether it was little relaxation tips or baby positioning exercises, I wanted to help make their experience better. I would ask for them to tell their story and listen intently to their adventure into parenthood. Now, I get to be fully immersed, and I wouldn't have it any other way!

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Support and Service

Strength in Support

Each pregnancy and birth is a unique miracle, and I want to help you and your partner connect and enjoy the journey as much as possible. I will provide you with the different exercises, relaxation techniques (mental and physical) and access to my "tool kit" and lending library. Please be in touch, so we can set up a consultation to see if I am the Doula for you!


With New Moon Doula Services you can rest assured that everything will be taken care of. I approach birth holistically, and I feel honoured to be able to share my expertise for such a remarkable milestone. 

  • You can expect me to be non-judgmental, straight forward, kind, compassionate, and knowledgeable.

  • You can feel safe in your choices, knowing that I provide evidence-based facts.

  • Experience working with physiological births (home and hospital).  

  • Fun and engaging information

  • Complete trust in your body's ability to birth your baby in whatever way you choose.


Choose the plans that best suit your needs!

Labour and Birth Support


After attending a free consultation with me, we will meet again for 2 prenatals. During these visits, you will share your wishes and desires for your birth. We will discuss with your partner as well, to make sure we are all on the same wavelength. I will then create a one-page visual birth plan to share with the rest of your birth team. The visits are in your home and usually last about 1-2 hours. I will be prepared with important topics, and questions for us to discuss. But you will be able to guide the talks, and I will share information to meet you where you are and fill in any gaps. We will cover the basics of childbirth options at our visits and you will learn hands-on techniques to use during your labour.

Once you sign my contract, I am on call beginning 37 weeks for you 24/7 awaiting your call that labour has begun. I assist you during the early stages of labour via phone/ text. I will be there for you as soon as things begin to intensify and start providing support in whatever way is needed. I use many different elements in my work as a Doula such as massage, acupressure, affirmations, physical, and emotional support etc. I am there to do anything to help your labour go as smoothly as possible. 

You will have access to my lending library, TENS machine, rebozo, essential oils and others from my "tool-kit".

There is the add-on if you wish, of photography to document your journey, as you may not remember it all and is not something that can be recreated! 

I stay with you through the birth and then leave when you are settled and ready to rest.

Within the first two weeks, you will receive 1-2 more visits from me. At these visits, talk about your birth story, anything that needs immediate support, and resources for lactation and counselling. We will discuss feeding choices, and I can help you with latching, pumping, bottle feeding, and everything in between. We will also go over newborn care and postpartum care for yourself.

Please visit the Postpartum package to see what types of things I offer after the birth!

After those last visits, our contract doesn't just end , but continues on as a friendship and someone who can be there to answer any questions you may have when you feel lost or in a time of need! If you are wanting some in person support, I'm happy to customize a postpartum package to fit your needs and I can continue to work with you.




  • A new disposable liner (phthalate free)

  • A lead-free, non-toxic 25′ drinking water hose

  • Universal faucet adaptors

  • Electric air pump for inflatable pools

  • Submersible pump for emptying the pool

  • A debris net to clean out debris as needed

  • A 8′ x 12′ plastic sheeting to protect the floor from splashes

  • Drop off/ pick up

  • Every pool is thoroughly checked and cleaned with medical grade disinfectant after each use

  • Each rental includes EVERYTHING you need to set up, use and take down the pool

  • The liners are free of phthalates, better for the environment, you and your baby!

Peace of Mind Promise

Postpartum Support

$35- $40 / hr

After the birth of your baby you can extend the support you receive to ensure that you have the best start possible. Postpartum Doulas are there to do many jobs, but to name a few, they help with household chores, older siblings, groceries, meal prep, lactation support, and laundry. Their most important job, however, is the care and support of you and the baby. I am are there to make sure you are nourished, doted on, and relaxed. 

You may feel nervous about being alone with the baby right away, wondering if you'll know how to do everything without help, that is where your Doula comes in. We can assist you to recognize your baby's cues so that you know what they want before they go into complete meltdown mode. We show you how to help them sleep (so you can too), how to latch or bottle feed and work that crazy breast pump contraption. I charge a tad more as there is really no limit to my support as your doula! I don't have a list of "things I don't do" (non-medical, of course), as things can come up when I am with you and I don't want you to hesitate to ask for help. I want you to feel comfortable and confident that this is my job, and I will always say 'yes'!
I am there to make sure your household runs as usual while you take your time to heal and bond with the baby. I am your personal assistant, who just happens to be an expert in birth and babies. 

Hiring a Postpartum Doula may have the following effects:

  • Less stress and anxiety  

  • Higher success with breastfeeding

  • Partner feels more confident caring for the baby

  • More sleep for everyone

  • Easier transition

  • Less parental meltdowns!

Choose from 6 extra hours of postpartum assistance to 24 extra hours! This can be broken up among weeks ( a discussion will decide what is best for mom and baby).

Childbirth Class

$250 for private

In the childbirth class you will learn the stages of labour, natural comfort measures, relaxation and coping techniques, ways your partner will help you throughout the process among other things. I will also talk about medication options, common interventions, and cesarean, even though you may not wish to have those, it’s helpful to learn about so that if they are needed along the way you are armed with information to be able to make the best choice for you and your baby! This class comes with handouts, props, and demonstrations, with options for you and your partner to practice. You will leave this class no longer fearing labour, and feel empowered!

Newborn Class

$250 for private

In this class we discuss the care of your new baby. We cover typical things like soothing, diapering and bathing. Other topics in the class that are discussed are the postpartum period/ mental health (which is extremely important and can often be over looked), feeding options (whether you want to exclusively breastfeed, pump or feed formula), babywearing, and what a normal newborn sleep schedule is like and healthy sleep habits that don’t involve “sleep training”. This class also comes with handouts, props, and demonstrations, with options for you and your partner to practice. You will feel confident in your new role as a parent!

Home Birth Class

$150 for private

This class will transform you into an expert on having a Home Birth. I will cover the benefits of a home birth, understanding your home birth options, science behind the safety of a home birth (YES it’s very safe!), birthing pool set up and supplies needed (whether you want a water birth or not), and what may happen in case of a hospital transfer. Whether you’re simply curious about birthing at home, considering it as a possibility, and need more info, or definitely planning for one.

Private, Group or Online!

Pricing varies

Maternity, Labour/ Birth, Fresh 48

Lifestyle and Family, Birthdays/ Cake smash photoshoots all available to add on to any package.


All types of classes are offered online, or in person with your family privately (can include the grandparents and siblings, so everyone is on the same page) out of the comfort of your own home! If you prefer a group setting and want to meet other soon-to-be parents, I also offer group classes (Childbirth and Newborn classes over two days).

(please reach out if pricing is a concern for any of the above, payment plans are available among other options)



" Wendy was an amazing and reliable support both leading up to and during labour, as well as postpartum. As first time parents, we didn't know what to expect of the birth process. When we met with Wendy, she listened to us openly and we felt very comfortable asking her questions. She had many different suggestions and resources ready for us for each prenatal visit. During labour, she arrived promptly and implemented the comfort preferences we had discussed previously. Her calm guidance helped my husband have the confidence he needed to support me during birth. I felt reassured and comforted knowing Wendy was by my side. She was considerate to our birth desires and encouraged us to advocate for ourselves. She made my partner and I feel supported and listened to throughout the process. During the invaluable postpartum visit, Wendy helped us troubleshoot newborn issues with her wealth of knowledge. It was such a relief to discuss our concerns with someone we trusted. Because of Wendy's support, we were able to have the calm, informed and empowered birth we had always envisioned." - Vianne & Matt

" Our doula, Wendy, supported us and assisted above and beyond our expectations; we are so grateful to have had her there. Without her assistance our birthing experience would not have been as memorable. Wendy put us at ease and we would definitely recommend her." -  Rachel & Matt

"My partner and I were extremely happy and grateful for our doula's help during and after labour. She came with a lot of helpful tools for labour, lots of great techniques/ birthing advice and helped hands on with first latch/ breastfeed. Would definitely recommend Wendy as a doula to an expecting couple for great guidance during and after birth!" - Jordana & Graeme

Wendy is absolutely talented! She not only brings in the most amazing energy into your home but also brings out the very best in the family! We hired Wendy for a newborn photoshoot and all I can say is wow!!!! The photos are amazing, the experience was delightful and she made us feel right at home. She was so patient, understanding the needs to feed and change diapers; we felt so at ease and it reflects in the photos... Definitely worth every single penny and then some! - Yeelen & Ivan


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