About Me

New Moon Doula, Wendy

I am Wendy, your New Moon Doula- I am passionate about pregnancy, birth, and babies and the journey they go through. But you may have already guessed that! I am dedicated to my practice, my clients and their prenatal and postpartum care. I feel very deeply about women receiving the care and attention they deserve, before and after birth.


I am a mom of one, and currently expecting baby number two, due in June. My son is a rambling, non-stop little toddler and he makes my heart explode. He's the one who inspired this career path; our birth story and our doula. My husband is a supportive and loving partner, and an even better father. He is my biggest cheerleader in my career, even when I wake him up at 3am to leave for a birth...


I'm a big animal lover; we have a dog and two cats. We'd probably have more if I were allowed! Horseback riding, reading, running (or yoga, or dancing, or any sort of movement really!) are my me-time things and I love spending time at the barn with horses, or on quiet trail.

That is all for now! If you have questions please feel free to ask. I am an open book. I hope to be your future Doula.